Paramore appreciation post—

i came across this old box today filled with old ticket stubs and set lists. i have SO much paramore stuff (this isn’t even the half of it - not even close)…. It absolutely blows my mind to see that little hand written set list on mini notebook paper from 2005 at the buffalo icon, where i was so freaking lucky to see them so many times, and compare it to one of the more recent ones from ‘09 on the brand new eyes tour in toronto (they need to play I Caught Myself more please). and the ticket stubs! $8 in 2005… printed on green poster paper. that is insane. and then the $80 ticket stub from seeing them open for No Doubt 4 years later. I have lost count on how many times i’ve seen them, somewhere between 40 and 50 times (even flying from buffalo to san francisco), but i have yet to ever be disappointed. they deserve everything they’ve achieved this far and i can NOT wait to see them again.